Thursday, 12 November 2015


I did loads of research before our walk.  Because I knew I would struggle with my feet, I felt I had to be properly prepared, especially when it came to our accommodation - there was no ways I could be arriving at an albergue, only to find it full and then have to walk several more kilometers.  I pre-booked all of our accommodation, mostly through

Accommodation on the Camino comes in various forms:

Albergues - these come in two forms - municipal or private.  They are basically pilgrim's hostels.  There are dormitories sleeping anything from a few pilgrims to 60 or 70 pilgrims, depending on that particular albergue.  Some of the albergues offer private rooms with en-suite bathrooms.  The facilities in the albergues vary from place to place, many have gardens where you can sit and enjoy a cold beverage after your walk, kitchens where you can cook your own meal or restaurants offering a well-priced Pilgrim's Menu and washing machines and wash-lines,

Pensions - a type of guest house offering few amenities, but with private rooms and en-suite bathrooms.

Casa Rural- a country cottage type of accomodation, we haven't stayed in one but from what I can make out it seems to be much like a B&B

Hotels -!  

Paradors - luxury hotels.

I wanted to try out various options, so our accommodation was pretty evenly spread across private albergues, pensions and hotels.  If I were to do another Camino (here's hoping!) I would definitely opt for private albergues over pensions and hotels.  We loved all of the albergues we stayed in.  We stayed in private rooms with private bathrooms, no shared dormitories.  I have nothing against shared dorms, but I personally prefer private accommodation - also, Grant and I are both snorers, so in all fairness I think we are better off alone!

Our accommodation:
Pamplona - Hotel Yoldi
Uterga - Hostal Camino del Perdon <= this was our favourite albergue, it was just perfect!
Puente la Reine - Albergue Jakue
Los Arcos - Pension Los Arcos

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