Thursday, 12 November 2015


Below is my packing list.  We got our packing pretty much perfect I thought!  I spent a lot of time researching what to pack beforehand.

VERY IMPORTANT: Pack must not be more than 10% of your body weight

rain cover for backpack
sleeping bag if you are planning to sleep in dorms (we didn't)

guide book
pilgrim credential in a ziplock bag
medical aid card - travel insurance 
airtickets / rail documents
phone and charger cord (Apps on phone: with accommodation reservations, and Kindle for books including Camino Lingo)

walking poles
day pack
spare reading glasses

hiking boots and orthotics
lightweight plastic sandals
lightweight rain-jacket (doubled as wind-breaker)
very lightweight, disposable rain-poncho (my rain-jacket is hip-length, this was extra insurance in case of heavy rain) <= this is the one thing I would change, I'd take a durable rain-poncho that covers my rucksack and body something like this.
lightweight fleece pullover
3 x panties
3 x bras
3 x 1000 mile socks
2 x zip off hiking pants
1 x hiking shorts
3 x hiking tops
quickdry T-shirt          }
jogger pants               } this was my "evening outfit"
lightweight cardigan   }
laundry bag
large scarf or sarong - very useful, I used mine on the plane, in the evening when it was chilly, as a privacy screen during open-air loo-breaks...

2 x 500ml water bottles
piece of plastic to sit on (I used a bin liner)

travel clothesline
large safety pins (for hanging clothing that is not yet dry on the outside of your backpack)
needle and thread (for blister-care - we fortunately didn't need this)
extra boot laces
small journal and pen

She-wee <= practice using this thing in the shower before you leave home... trust me on this!
toilet paper in bank bags (with a spare bag for used loo paper.... eeuw, but necessary!)
bag for toiletries
small soap in mesh bag
travel-sized bottle of shampoo
travel-sized bottle of conditioner
hair elastic
face cream
body lotion
roll-on deo
sun block
mascara (totally an unecessary vanity item, but I look ghastly without mascara!)
tooth brush and mini-paste
mini hairbrush
shower cap 
disposable razor

First aid kit:
alcohol wipes 
antibacterial cream 
Compeed blister plasters 
anti-nausea suppository
asthma pump
cold/flu medication
Rehidrat Sport <= very important, on a particularly hot day on our last walk I felt awful until I had a Rehidrat - fixed me up in no time!
magnesium supplement (helps with stiff muscles)
saline nasal spray (use on the plane to prevent colds and flu, works like a charm!)
anti-mozzie stick 
sachet of Citro soda 
sachet of Gaviscon
Arnica tablets

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