Thursday, 12 November 2015

Introduction and Itinerary

In the early 1990s I read a magazine article about a pilgrimage route in Europe - I don't remember whether it was the Camino de Santiago or not - and a seed was planted.  Bucket-lists were unheard of at that time, but a walk on a pilgrimage trail was definitely a feature of my bucket-list from then on.  With all the busyness that comes with raising a family, the idea of doing a long walk was put on a shelf and became something I would do "oneday",  Roll on 2012 and I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hands and feet, it was quite a wake-up call for me.  I had had major issues with both my feet for some time (severe over-pronation) and was wearing orthotics on a daily basis, but with the diagnosis of arthritis I realised that if we were going to do a walk we should probably do it sooner rather than later.  I slowly began to gather information about the Camino and to formulate a plan.  Our initial intention was to do a 3-week walk from Leon to Santiago, but as my foot-situation worsened we realised that a one-week walk was probably more realistic, with short distances involved, to test my feet and see how they coped.  So our "Taste of the Camino" experience was born and we attached this week of walking to a 3 week visit to Europe.

Our Itinerary:

15 June - Leave home
16 June - Arrive Barcelona, overnight in Barcelona
17 June - Train to Pamplona, overnight in Pamplona
18 June - Pamplona
19 June - Pamplona to Uterga
20 June - Uterga to Puente la Reina
21 June - Puente la Reina to Lorca
22 June - Lorca to Estella
23 June - Estella to Los Arcos
24 June - Los Arcos to Viana
25 June - Viana to Logrono
26 June - Train to Barcelona

Documentary on The Way:

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